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WinCan VX

Inspection Reporting & Asset Management

Turn Data into Decisions

WinCan VX revolutionizes how you make decisions based on the rich data today’s inspection technologies capture. Imagine a single, integrated application giving you the power to manage your resources and assets in real time.

  • Comply: Gather standards-compliant data for analysis, reporting and export. WinCan supports more than 50 defect catalogs (including PACP/MACP and WRc).
  • Analyze: Run queries on any combination of criteria to understand maintenance needs. Get results in reports, on a map, or as raw data.
  • Share: Publish completed inspections securely to the cloud, where clients can view them instantly using a web browser.
  • Report: Generate information-rich reports using filtered data, photos, and schematic illustrations.
  • Integrate: Connects with any inspection equipment, and interfaces with all major municipal databases and GIS platforms.
  • Decide: Extract the actionable intelligence you need to make critical maintenance decisions.
  • Budget: Allocate resources based on infrastructure condition, make budgetary projections, anticipate maintenance, and manage inspection work flow.
WinCan Turns Sewer Inspection Data into Decisions.


For Secure Global Access

New WinCan Web keeps your inspection data secure, accessible and current on the cloud. How does this benefit you?

WinCan's Cloud Connectivity Helps Sewer Teams Collaborate Remotely.
  • Competitive: Large firms can offload IT functions in order to lower operating costs, and small contractors can deliver results with previously unavailable speed and quality.
  • Access: Authorized parties can instantly access the most current inspection data using any device with a web browser.
  • Security: Administrators can control precisely who accesses what information. Our secure data center offers the hardware redundancy necessary to protect against data loss.
  • Scalability: Subscribers pay only for the storage they need, and can increase that storage anytime.
  • Work Flow: Supervisors can automate how inspection tasks are assigned, and how inspection results are compiled and shared in real time.


To Grow with You

WinCan VX lets you invest in the functionality you require today, and then add bandwidth and capabilities as future needs arise.

  • Value Bundles: These popular combinations of core functionality and add-on modules offer savings over individually purchased components.
  • Modules: These extensions to the core application let you add specific capabilities as needs arise.
  • Subscriptions: With a subscription, you can license WinCan for a flat annual fee while gaining access to cloud storage, support, training and every software update.

WinCan Grows with Your Sewer Inspection Needs.

WinCan Sewer Inspection Software Incorporates Leading Edge Technology Like Side-Scanning, Laser Profiling and 3D Mapping.


For Advanced Capability

Supported by the market’s largest user base, WinCan invests in the R&D necessary to deliver innovation ahead of the competition. So whether it’s new ways to inspect, new analytical tools, or new support for downstream processes like cleaning and rehab, you can count on WinCan VX to lead the market.

  • 3D: WinCan VX’s 3D visualization technology lets you build a virtual model of your infrastructure based on measurements gathered during inspection.
  • Scanning: With four-synchronized views, the ScanExplorer module lets you navigate and analyze data from side-scan and laser inspections.
  • Competitive: WinCan VX’s GIS implementation makes it easy to manage infrastructure data using maps as the front end. Simply click and drag on a map to create entire WinCan projects with pre-populated section data.


For Optimum Teamwork

Process and teamwork—both are essential for effectively managing your wastewater collection network, from inspection and cleaning to maintenance, rehab and replacement. WinCan VX implements industry best practices, seamlessly coordinating your personnel and work flows. With inspection results shared instantly via WinCan Web, your decisions are always based on the most complete, current data.

WinCan Helps You Generate Superior Sewer Inspection Deliverables.

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