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Mobilizing Your Sewer Inspection Capability

Preferred Build-Outs

We’ve tracked and analyzed the preferences of our inspection vehicle customers in order to identify the most popular configurations. We offer these as our Preferred Build-Outs. There are several benefits to buying a Preferred Build-Out:

  • Quotation Speed: Preferred Build-Outs all have established pricing, which your dealer can quote them to you quicker. Moreover, there are a la carte options (also with established pricing) that still allow a degree of customization.
  • Cost & Delivery: Because our inventory and processes are geared toward Preferred Build-Outs, we can build them more efficiently.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Preferred Build-Outs reflect established industry preferences, so you can be confident in your purchase decision.



  • Bulkhead wall with smoked-glass window and pass-through door.
  • Laminate desk with wall-mount monitors.
  • Hinged storage bench with cushion.
  • Lighted latching cabinetry and file drawer.
  • Wall outlets, and wall switches for interior LED lighting.
  • Wall-mount controls for arrow boards, strobes and power source.
  • Ceiling air conditioning and heat (some models).
  • Carpeted walls with rubber floor.
  • See sheets below for build-specific ammenities.

Work Bay


  • Custom laminate cabinetry.
  • Built-in heavy duty tool drawers.
  • FRP walls and ceiling with rubber floor.
  • Ceiling-mount rear-facing monitor and flood lights.
  • 18-gallon wash-down system.
  • Slide-out crawler drawer beneath reel.
  • Shore power connection.
  • LED interior lights.
  • See sheets below for build-specific ammenities.



With a wide variety of chassis choices, you can pick the truck best suited to your work style:

  • Box Van: Cutaway (Ford or GM)
  • Box Van: Dry Freight (Ford or GM)
  • Cargo Van (Ford or GM)
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Dodge Promaster
  • Nissan NV
  • Trailer

Each is specially paired with one of the following power sources:

  • Inverter
  • Mobile electric power system (MEPS)
  • Gas generator
  • Diesel generator

Envirosight Sewer and Drain Inspection Equipment