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ROVVER X Lateral Launch System

Find Cross Bores & Blockages

The RVX-SAT lets you inspect laterals from a mainline, ideal for finding dangerous gas line cross bores and illicit flows. The system integrates with your existing ROVVER X system components, reducing cost and equipment clutter. Best of all, RVX-SAT gives you the range and articulation to inspect where other lateral launch systems can’t.

  • Crawl 500' down lines 6" and larger.
  • Launch 100' into laterals 4" and larger.
  • Avoid push rod damage with force-sensing rollers.
  • Pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 with auto-leveling camera.
  • Maneuver to troublesome launch points with steerable 6-wheel drive.
  • Rear-view camera assists navigation; multi-frequency sonde facilitates location.


To Easily Scale Your Capability

ROVVER X SAT is the only lateral launch technology that can be added on to an traditional crawler, CCTV crawler. This reduces your investment, and lets you perform CCTV and lateral launch inspection using the same ROVVER X system.


To See More

ROVVER X SAT’s auto-upright camera pans and tilts to capture superior detail. It also has twin LED lamp arrays and a sonde transmitter. (An axial camera is available.)

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