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HD Video Nozzle

Jet Smarter

When you see what you’re jetting, you can make smarter choices and be more productive.

  • Cleaning Confirmation: Document cleaning success with before/after footage.
  • Pipe Assessment: Find offsets, collapses, infiltration and other problems without a crawler.
  • Understand Hazards: Identify collapses, protruding taps, root balls and other risks to a nozzle.
  • Problem Resolution: Determine source of problems on a call-out, and who is responsible.
  • Cost Savings: Instantly view pipe maintenance and structural conditions without a CCTV crew.
  • Tool Selection: See if a clog is gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge, and pick the best nozzle.
  • Safety: Confirm absence of cross bores before mechanical root cutting.
Jetscan Threads onto Your Sewer Jetter Hose to Capture Video from Inside Sewers
Jetscan Captures HD Video from Inside Sewers


For Better Decisions

  • SewerLink app (included) lets you view, record and upload footage directly to WinCan Web for easy sharing and analysis.
  • HD camera documents pipe condition in high resolution.
  • Shadowless, high-intensity LEDs illuminate pipe.
  • Onboard SD card stores hours of video.


To Deliver More

The Jetscan video nozzle is affordable, dependable and versatile.

  • Two sizes handle pipe sizes down to 6".
  • Cable-free design means no secondary reel or dropped signals.
  • Jetscan simply threads on to any jetter hose.
  • Captured footage is streamed immediately after to a tablet.
The New Jetscan Handles a Variety of Sewer Pipe Sizes
The Jetscan HD Video Nozzle Is Available with Multiple Skid Sizes


To Perform

  • Quick-change sleds streamline reconfiguration for different pipe sizes.
  • Available self-leveling skid maintains proper view orientation.
  • Wireless recharging simplifies operation.
  • Welded stainless construction withstand abuse.
  • Sealed, pressurized design resists the elements.

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