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Lateral Launch

Lateral Inspection CameraThe ROVVER X SAT crawls 500' down mainlines 6" and larger, and then inserts its camera 100' into laterals as small as 4". Its auto-leveling color camera with shadowless LED illumination pans and tilts to capture exceptional sidewall detail. An integral sonde transmitter (available in standard frequencies) makes locating the camera from above ground quick and easy.

The system is also equipped with a rear-view camera, auxiliary lamps and steerable 6-wheel drive — essential for maneuvering to troublesome launch points. The SAT camera, crawler, and push reel are compatible with the ROVVER X crawler reel and desktop controls.

  • Agile. ROVVER X SAT's lateral camera pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees, capturing maximum detail from pipe walls.
  • Detailed. Twin arrays of shadowless LED illumination combine with an auto-upright camera to ensure maximum detail.
  • Rugged. The SAT camera head is stainless steel and carries a 1-bar pressure rating.
  • Simple. The ROVVER X SAT camera and cable detach easily from the crawler. A rear-view camera facilitates reverse travel. The positioning launcher can be replaced quickly an inexpensively when worn.
  • Reliable. A software-guided launcher monitors pushing forces during launch so as not to damage the push rod. ROVVER X SAT's stainless steel camera withstands punishing conditions.
  • Integrated. ROVVER X SAT uses the standard ROVVER X desktop controls, and requires no additional control unit or power supply. The push reel simply plugs into the crawler reel for all power and control connections.

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