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ROVVER X takes everything you value about ROVVER—steerable 6-wheel drive, highly adaptable architecture, unmatched portability—and enhances it with an extended crawl range (1000' with options up to 1650’), simplified 3-piece system layout, and powerful touchscreen control pendant.

The new pendant captures days worth of MPEG video and JPEG still images, and lets you enter observations for direct upload to WinCan. Twin multifunction joysticks keep operation simple and natural, while handy macros automate everyday inspection routines. The pendant accepts USB media, and connects via ROVVER-Link for remote diagnostics and firmware updates.

Both pendant and crawler connect directly to the reel—no control unit is required, which makes the system exceptionally portable and simple to set up. To maximize range, the reel uses light yet strong cable (0.03 lb./ft with 1000 lb. break strength), and continuously monitors cable tension to minimize drag on the crawler.

ROVVER X also delivers several other firsts for a mid-size ROVVER crawler: a detachable remote-operated camera lift, three onboard cameras, integrated sensor package (sonde, dual lasers, inclination, roll), and concurrent control for all camera, reel and crawler functions. High-power drivetrain, proportional steering and zero-radius pivot further enhance ROVVER X’s agility.

  • Inspect farther with multi-conductor cable that's longer (1000' with options up to 1650'), lighter (0.03 lb./ft) and stronger (1000 lb.).
  • Navigate easily with twin joysticks, customizable touchscreen and preprogrammed macros.
  • Store MPEG video and JPEG images, and log WinCan-compatible observations.
  • Offload data to USB media, and connect via ROVVER-Link for remote diagnostics and updates.
  • Crawl with twice the torque/power of a standard ROVVER.
  • Center your view in lines up to 48", and see as far as 10' with more powerful illumination.
  • Travel lightly and set up faster with simplified three-component system layout.
  • Reap all of ROVVER’s renown benefits: agile 6-wheel drive, adaptable design, portability, and auto cable management.
  • Add capabilities as you need them: side-scan imaging, laser dimensional scanning, lateral launch and large-diameter carriage.

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